Few questions on HQ Player

@Progisus I was reading a head-fi post and came across your post: Small world ha!

"In trying to emulate EX/CX I have:
-Placed the EX on an Airport Expess ethernet port to break ethernet noise by connecting to wifi
-used the cat6 cable to attach
-setup my NUC8i7 with Win 10 , Roon Core , HQPlayer
-removed from EX - Roon Server and HQP software
-left HQP naa on EX with connection to my TT dac

There is a definite audible improvement in the detail. Now I will need to decide if the extra boxes are worth it. Fun!"

I am trying to do the same thing. Right now I have an intel NUC as my Roon Core with ROCK installed. I am planning to delete ROCK and install windows 10 and then HQPlayer server on it.
Right now I will be connecting the NUC to the port 2 on the Antipodes EX and the port 1 of the EX is connected to my router. My NUC is not directly connected to the router, for what its worth I am not sure if this offers any improvement, but my NUC gets internet.

I will also be getting a etherregen delivered tomorrow. So I am hoping I can use that between the NUC and the EX.

My NUC is a 8th gen i7, do you think it can handle all the HQProcessing? When you did your experiment was it worth your time and the windows cost?

Hi… I think port 2 on the EX is already providing the etherregen function. It might prove better between the router and EX. Please post your findings as it looks like an interesting device although not readily available here. My NUC at present is 7i3 and can do all the pcm dsp with no problem. I never attempted dsd as my Chord dacs just decimate it back to pcm.

My 8i7 failed and I returned to Intel for refund.

Right now I am using a MBPro for HQP to a Pi4 using naa to the TT. The EX is HQP to alsa to usb to H2.

Here’s one for you… I feel HQP sounds different on Win 10 than linux/OSX. Let us know your thoughts when you are done.

I’ve found Windows 10 is a free install as long as you don’t personalize it which would require authorization.


@Progisus thanks. Good to know I can use windows without paying yet. I am starting the process now. I’ll keep u updated!

Also whenever I ran HQPlayer embedded on my EX, I never saw more than 30% utilization on the app status (which you showed me). Does that mean the EX is capable of handling high CPU consuming features of HQP? Or may be I wasnt using those functions yet, I think.

I think @jussi_laako has said that pcm dsp is not cpu intensive but dsd is. Antipodes has said the EX can do all but the most intensive HQP rendering. Enjoy experimenting.

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Oh! Where in mid-Canada? I am from Edmonton!

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