Few to almost 3 or 4 Portuguese radio on roon

Roon does not list a lot of radio stations in Portugal. Blusound and Naim have a lot of radio stations but roon is somewhat very limited on the ones offered.

There are a lot of radio stations in Portugal as can be seen on this link Lista de rádios

Is it possible at least to have some more to appear in roon.


Of course, and you are a curator so please go ahead!

But you are right, we don’t have many, so in the meantime if you tell me the best 4 or 5 that we’re missing I’ll add them.


Some interesting ones are.
Antena 1
Antena 2
Antena 3
Oceano Pacífico RFM

The last three have very good music and are good to be listen at night.

If it can be added I will be very glad.


Hello Riky, I have added those stations (use the magnifying glass - unfortunately we don’t have Portugal as a country at the moment because of a problem with the location program).

I am not at all sure about Radio Nostalgia Porto though - it appears to have been taken over as Radio SBSR according to Wikipedia, although the website redirects to the French Nostalgie site. Various other radio sites, although listing Radio Nostalgia, actually play Radio SBSR.

Can you check and tell me how it should be?


Thanks for your reply and work.

For RFM https://rfm.sapo.pt/ thay have in the menu bar “OUVIR” they have 5 streams.

The normal RFM
RFM Dance Flor
80´s RFM
Oceano Pacifico
RFM On the Rock

And sorry apears Radio Nostalgia has been ended, Ir was like the RFM Oceano Pacifico above.


Hello again Riky, I’ve added the other RFM stations, and changed Nostalgia to SBSR.

Over to you now to add some more! Let me know if you need help.

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I give you a very special thanks to you.

I will dig in how to add stations myself.

Just do not mix with the excellent Antena 1 from Brazil, which is already on the Roon list.

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