FG Underground - french radio

Is it possible to add a french radio:
FG Underground
Thanks a Lot

Hello @Lionel_Briot , I have added Radio FG Underground, please check.

I notice that the site actually offers 10 different streams. I think I have added the default, standard, one. I will add the other nine when I get time. (Easter is busy)

The standard one was already in the database under Radio FG.
I’ve fixed the stream for Radio FG Underground it should be good now @Lionel_Briot !
Note that Underground is… underground so not referenced on their website…
The other Radio FG channels are:

Most links here : Flux Radios: Flux URL - Radio FG - Webradios France

I will add FG Chic now, others will have to wait after Easter…

No wonder I was confused…

Thank you guys
Happy Easter !

Added the rest

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