Fibre Optic to WiFi Hub

I’m guessing this may only affect UK Roon customers. Late last year fibre optic cable was installed in my street and is now available to be brought into my home. My question is:- is there any SQ improvements to be gained by ditching that tiny little BT telephone wire and ADSL filter and having fibre optic connected directly to my home hub.
I stream from Qobuz and have no issues with WiFi whatsoever.



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If you believe in it, it will…

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I do understand :grinning::grinning:

It will be the same 0’s and 1’s getting into your DAC, the speed will be the only change.

I can’t imagine why the SQ would change (hmmm, well, no, I can, but it involves aliens up to no good, which is highly unlikely), but I’d do it anyway. Fiber tends to have much higher upload speeds than ADSL, which makes backup to the cloud or any remote service much more feasible.

I should of known better! I can’t detect any difference between local files and streaming from Qobuz. It’s just that itsy-bitsy little wire we’ve all been using for decades seems so insignificant!!

And you know, by now, after years of use, it’s probably full of minerals. Like copper.

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