Fibre Optic to WiFi Hub

I’m guessing this may only affect UK Roon customers. Late last year fibre optic cable was installed in my street and is now available to be brought into my home. My question is:- is there any SQ improvements to be gained by ditching that tiny little BT telephone wire and ADSL filter and having fibre optic connected directly to my home hub.
I stream from Qobuz and have no issues with WiFi whatsoever.




If you believe in it, it will…

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I do understand :grinning::grinning:

It will be the same 0’s and 1’s getting into your DAC, the speed will be the only change.

I can’t imagine why the SQ would change (hmmm, well, no, I can, but it involves aliens up to no good, which is highly unlikely), but I’d do it anyway. Fiber tends to have much higher upload speeds than ADSL, which makes backup to the cloud or any remote service much more feasible.

I should of known better! I can’t detect any difference between local files and streaming from Qobuz. It’s just that itsy-bitsy little wire we’ve all been using for decades seems so insignificant!!

And you know, by now, after years of use, it’s probably full of minerals. Like copper.


Hello Brian,
I have no special problems this time,
but there is this question:
-will my sound improve when I take glasfiber in stead of cable.-
Ziggo (the provider) does a good job, rarely faillures, downloadspeed up to .9.00 Mb/sec
My audiodealer told me it is better to buy a better streamer or amplifier.

Hello again Walter,

I’m sorry, I have no experience of optical cables. There is plenty of discussion on the forum about the merits or otherwise of cables - it seems to produce extreme views!

I think the best is for you to trial some and hear for yourself.

Hello Brian,
I noticed the discussion about optical cables but is a matter of personal taste, I think.
This is not what I meant to ask you about.
What I meant is the fact that in our town they want to provide all the houses with
fiber optic cable or fibereglass cable.
That means much more Mb`s p/s.
Will this make my sound better?

I did a post elsewhere covering this very issue where we tried an experiment between a slow BT fibre to cabinet copper line and a County Broadband extremely high speed fibre to house line, Cat 7 from Modem, Basic switch etc.
We took advantage of have the cross over period of the change from BT.

I was blind to the options but the Fibre system showed clear improvements with what I can only describe as greater analog resolution in an already incredible system.

Lumin P1, Mark Levison Amps and B&W 800 speakers… the room was well treated also.

hello Chris,
The next month a cable company is going to put glassfibre cable in the ground for ethernet, computer, tv, telephone etc in our town, from door to door.
My question is : will my sound be better after switching to fibre optic cables?

(This has nothing tot do with the discussion about using optic cables between dacs, amplifiers etc.
that is a completely different discussion.)

That’s what my post was about. The difference between copper and fibre… That’s what we tried and the fibre sounded better in an already superb system

You won’t notice any difference by this 1 change alone but I assume speeds, latency, and your modem / router will be swapped out. Those other things may give you improvement. If it costs you nothing, or close to nothing, then move forward with the change. It’s like any other upgrade… it’s better to do it when its fresh than years late. If BT makes an attractive offer to get you to switch right now take advantage of it now. It may get very expensive in the future when you need to switch more than they do and you get charged too much for it.

We noticed a significant change from Copper to fibre, everything else being the same… 12 MBs to 600 odd MBS

You wouldn’t have, there is no difference in the way the files are downloaded whether it’s fibre, ADSL, or an analogue modem. The only difference is speed i.e bandwidth.

This was my roon core when I stopped everything and then played an album, it does a massive burst of bandwidth where it is downloading the album from Qobuz (or wherever) and then streams it in little chunks to the endpoint.

The only impact would be on low bandwidth connections the download is slower so playback may be delayed (roon tries to get around this by sending smaller chunks to the endpoint so it doesn’t have to wait)

Fibre vs ADSL for sound quality is an impossibility


No, but there is an advantage to using fibre over ADSL in itself. ADSL runs over your phone line so there are multiple teams involved in faults, fibre simplifies that.

This audiophool thing unhinges by the minute :crazy_face:

TBF he was asking rather than stating.

It’s understandable that after reading the endless drivel threads about audio switches, fibre and cables someone may not fully understand what is real or foo.

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