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#FIIO 2024 New Product Schedule(3) -By James

See the section on Portable Music Players.

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Is this an advert for FiiO? :wink:

Speaking seriously, FiiO has really matured in the last three to four years. They’re now light-years away from their products of ten years-ago.

The ‘game changer’ for me was the M17. An absolutely awesome player, that is Roon Ready. What else could you want? And the Roon implementation is peerless.

The M17 isn’t perfect. The 12V DC option, complete with a cooling fan/stand is clunky, and they’re apparently liable to battery ‘swelling’ and failure if you don’t use the fan/stand as directed.

But what is perfect? And progress is progress. But FiiO are on the cutting edge.

Fiio now teasing another desktop player, tentatively titled S15 but not expected till the last quarter of 2024. Main difference from R7 and R9 is it will be horizontal rather than vertical to bring in line with traditional hifi gear.

Desktop Music Player

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Looks like FiiO are moving into the arena of ‘proper Hi-Fi’, and not just portable audio.

Watch out Lumin, amongst others! :wink:

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Begs the question, what is mid range category? £1k - £2k ($1k - $2k)?

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FiiO M23 is the latest generation model of the brand’s core model “M11Plus” series. The DAC uses “AK4499EX + AK4191EQ”. The amplifier is the THX patented technology amplifier “AAA-78”. Newly implemented “DESKTOP MODE”. Output up to 1W. Release is scheduled for this spring.



thanks Torben

i understood “coming soon”
my chinese is getting better…

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The Fiio cassette player has come a bit late for me. I threw out all of my cassettes about 15 years ago :frowning:

To be fair, most of them dated from the late 70’s to mid 80’s and had travelled with me over my student days. At some point, they must have been stored in less than ideal conditions (slightly damp) and so they had degraded significantly and I also got that anoying little ghost lead-in (mostly on tracks on the second half of the tape side) whereby a section of tape gradually accumulated the magnetic pattern of the tape it was wound next to on the spool so you could hear this ghost image during the quiet inter-track period.

Strangely though, although I threw out all my cassette tapes, my tape deck, a Denon DR-M12HX, was kept until just a couple of years ago. It still worked well - although it went mostly unused - but it developed a power supply hum that appeared after about 30 minutes. Annoying - unless you played the music loud :grinning:

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That is great news :slight_smile: Than you just need to understand japanische than you can understand the whole article without using Google translator :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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It seems that the FiiO M23 is going to be released soon:

  • Flagship Combination AK4191EQ+AK4499EX
  • 4-Channel THX AAA 78+
  • 1000mW High Power Full-Chain HiFi Audio Architecture
  • Third-Generation DAPS Digital Audio Purification System
  • Dual Power Supply System for Desktop/Portable Use 30W Super Fast Charging
  • Brand New Android 12 System


Don`t all these new cassette players have the same cheap mechanism?- a world away from the quality 90s Walkmans. Reviews I have seen haven’t been very favourable. Shame as I think there is a real market for this- good playback, line out recording etc and it could be a winner.