Fiio m11 plus play problems

This time, I received the newly released m11 plus from fiio. I can run roon and view the library, but when I play music, the message “Fail to open the audio device” pops up and it doesn’t play. Can you help with a related issue?

Hey there Jun_Soo_Kim

I have the exact same problem on the M11 Plus LTD.

I have sent an email to FiiO support, so I will keep you updated if they talk back.

@Jun_Soo_Kim @Nidhogg_One did you ever receive a response from FiiO? Was this addressed/resolved?

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They provided some help on the M11 Plus LTD forum post on Head-Fi, although it seems it is not a problem inherent of the device, but rather how Roon works on Android.

This is really helpful. Is anyone from Roon checking this to see how we can fix this problem for good? It seems that a lot of folks want to listen to their DAPs and utilize their DACs and IEMs from it.

I use Roon on my Hiby DAP it’s Android no such problems. Sounds like some software on the Fiio is not releasing exclusive control so Roon can’t take control of it.

Are you somehow getting lossless/bitperfect from Roon on Android? I would love to hear how.

By not using Roon app. I use Neutron player and the RooUPnP extension to play to it via UPnP. Its not as elegant or as stable as using the Roon app but it’s the only way to get bit perfect up to 192/24

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OK. I’m actually doing the same with LMS-to-uPnP which I believe is what RooUPnP is using. I just don’t have to use a RPi as it runs on my NAS with the Roon Core. I really wish Roon would get their Android app up to date and add hi-res and bit-perfect like other apps. I thought maybe you had discovered a better way…

Afraid not.

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