FiiO M15 sous Android 7 pas compatible Roon ARC

Bonjour ayant fait l’acquisition d’un baladeur FiiO M15, je ne peux pas installer Roon arc car il n’est pas compatible avec Android 7.O. Pouvez-vous me dire si vous compte faire une version compatible Android 7.0 ??? En vous remerciant


Hello having acquired a FiiO M15 DAP, I can not install Roon arc because it is not compatible with Android 7.O. Can you tell me if you plan to make an Android 7.0 compatible version??? Thanking you

Don’t you think that if there had been the will and a way to support Android 7, Roon Labs would have created this new app in that way right away instead of spending resources to create an Android 9+ compatible app (first)?
So I think it’s unrealistic that a future version Roon ARC will support the older Android 7 API instead of the currently used Android 9 one.