Files/albums created with JRiver MC20 not showing up in Roon

I have build a test library of about 500 albums with JRiver MC20, on a simple laptop. Since most of my music is classical, I have retagged lot of music to ensure that I have the right overview in MC20. I was very surpised to find Roon and am testing now intensively after loading it two days ago, and I am very impressed by its user-friendlyness and sound quality (using ASIO/JPlay). In the Roon setup I have designated C:/users as the supported folder (and playable with MC20). However, I miss about 20-30 albums in Roon, that are definitely in this folder; I have not found a discriminating factor yert for these missing albums. An idea how to solve this?

Hi @Hans,

So you’ve added the entire /Users folder as a watched folder? Is all the music you’re trying to load stored in the folder for the user you’re currently logged in as? Or is some of it stored in another user’s folder?

What formats are the missing albums in? All the same format, or are they a variety of file types?

If you take one of the missing files and drag and drop into Roon, does it get copied to your Library and become playable?

Mike, thx for swift reply. Yes, all the music I have is in the active user directory. File types are all FLAC (both the ones that show and the ones that donot show in Roon). In some cases it works to drop the file into roon, in other cases it does not. So rather confusing I am afraid.

Hey @Hans – sorry for the slow response here. If you have a file we’re failing to import, it would be great if you could upload it somewhere and PM me a link.

I’ll take a look and let you know. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

I would not know how to upload such stuff,but do not bother. I think it has to do with my poor computer skills and my messing around with retagging in MC 20. I am very impressed with Roon’s handling of specifically (but not only) classical music and the joy of the radio option.
However, I have another issue; I had things running properly until I uploaded and installed the lates version of JPlay. Now all of a sudden I cannot get my music into the DAC. Roon says: playback has failed due to parameter negotiation with the hardware. Maybe all the computer stuff is still too complicated for me…

Hey @Hans – no problem. I’d be happy take a look at what’s going on here, and I can help you get a file over to us if you think we’re failing to import it.

I’m going to send you a PM with more instructions, so keep an eye out. Talk to you soon!

Hi Mike,
I have got no clue why, but all of a sudden everything is operational again, and I even got my normal USB driver running (Tusb) as well as the updated Jplay. Sorry to have bothered you, next time I will be more patiënt before calling for help, which I will probably need since I will continue using Roon with little understanding of computer stuff.
Thank, Hans