Filter albums that aren't tagged

Did a search for this but no luck. I added a bunch of Tidal albums of different genres and tagged them into groups. Some I did individually and some with multiple albums selected (mac right click). Checking the tags, some of the albums didn’t get a tag assigned - is there a way to filter a list of albums with no tags???

Go to the Album browser, click on the tag icon and select all tags you defined. Then click on each + and you’ll be left with albums with no user defined tag. You can bookmark this view.

Depends on the number of albums, but I would be interested to see how long that all-tag negative query takes. .

You could also limit the query by only including TIDAL albums.

You can also create a tag called “alltags” and put all your tags in it. Then if you look at the “alltags” you can change the view from plus to minus. That will do it. Then delete the “alltags” tag

Thanks for the replies - that was easy! James_I - the filter is instantaneous. I have ~2000 albums. Core is running on a Mac Mini (i7) and player is on an iMac (i5).

Thanks for the report. Glad to hear it. I have some queries that are slower but they’re more complex; glad to see a high volume query work well!