Filter by genre on a composer page

On the “homepage” of a composer, clickable genres are listed on the right. I would expect these links to act as a filter: If I click on “Concerto”, only Mozart’s concertos are displayed in the composition list below.

Instead, I’m led to a generic “Concertos” page with all concertos by all composers. Not very helpful.

Could the genre link please act as a filter?

Personally, my needs in that direction are satisfied by the filter box. I can type “Concerto” or “Piano Concerto” in that box and get precise filtering.

The advantage of that method over your “genre filter” idea is that you are not reliant on the genre tags being perfect (which is a tall order).

Yes, that’s true. But I guess you never click on that “Concerto” link. So it’s superfluos in this case. :wink:

I agree completely. When I want to hear a piano concerto by Mozart, that is what I want to choose from, not all the piano concertos that I have (dozens).

Genre’s remain the sore toe of Roon. They aren’t even shown in alphabetical order. Roon needs to take this far more seriously. I struggle with this constantly and my wife doesn’t want to use Roon at all for this reason.

This is so simple… Go to Mozart’s page. Type Piano Concerto into the filter box. You will then have all his concerti to choose from.

But I also appreciate the wish not to have to do any typing. After all, Roon isn’t only for nerds, is it?

speaking about being nerdy, I think filter requirements depend on the way your genres are set up and your grouping criteria.
I for myself have tried to maintain my genres in a way that would allow me to filter on a more generic “instrumentation” level. Doing a search on piano concerto works well if all the works you’re intereted in have names containg piano concerto.

For example: is Harold en Italie a viola concerto? You won’t find it when seaching for viola concertos, nor would you find Bruchs Scottish Fantasy together with violin concertos.

Of course, you are potentially opening a can of worms when discussing how to set a genre for those examples. Are those concertos? Do we need to have a genre “violin fantasy”, etc.

I think it would be useful to have a possibility to group compositions together and have those easily accesible, either via links or by any other means. At the moment, long work lists on composer pages can be very cumbersome to navigate. Even filtering won’t always work properly due to a mixture of automatical named works with tag based works.
I know that you have the composition view for that, but even there it can be tricky to find the works by filtering that you may want to merge.

Thank you for your suggestion, it is more than I had. As I see it, this is a product that is built around touch screens and visual cues. Typing in multiple names in multiple places for a simple search is contrary to the nature of the beast, and far more than I want to have to do.

Genre’s remain a major problem. They aren’t even shown in alphabetical order on the main Genre page. I have over 100 genres in my collection, a random listing makes finding what I want without getting frustrated impossible.

JRiver with their simple tree structures is quick and clean. Roon is frustrating. Data handling is a very old science and reinventing the wheel a very old mistake. A tree structure where users can manipulate the columns works well for large databases. There are probably other well known structures to use. Keyword search on large databases is good for seldom used accesses and bad for frequent ones.

It is less important to make it pretty than it is to make it easy and fast.

It sounds like you haven’t got “Sorted by Name” selected on the main Genre page, but “Sort by number of albums”. Set that correctly first before displaying all genres, and you’ll get an alphabetical listing.

I know I am thick and it took me far too long to find that option, but it is only available on the first Genre page and not on the ‘show all genres’ page - so I didn’t see it when I was frustrated. I use it now. It is also not available on my iPhone, where they appear random to me.