Filter by only in my library

Did we loose the ability to only see only albums that are in my library? Suddenly I can’t find it.

Album view

Focus → Format → Qobuz

Focus → Format → Tidal

Qobuz, Tidal → change from + to -

You should then see only local album

There used to be a button for it - it seems to be gone

Using Focus to find Local Files:

Under Storage Locations on the ‘My Albums’, ‘My Artists’, ‘My Tracks’, ‘My Compostions’, and ‘My Composers’ screens.
And on Artist page>Discography section (Source: Local).

The Library Icon currently displays both your local files and albums from streaming services you have added to your library:

Tap or click on the +, then it will become a -.
This is the same behaviour as in 1.7.

Not sure if this matters but I’m using my iPad instead of a computer

This is a screen detail from an iPad.
Tap the Tidal button and the - will become a + and vice versa.

Ah - thank you.