Filter enhancements (Show only high resolution files, Don't show subgenres etc...)

I would like to have a filter for:

  • Filter by file resolution (24/192, 24/96, CD, MP3 etc…)
  • Show genres from the files only (Don’t overwrite the genre specified in the file ever. Don’t display sub-genres)
  • Show files only from one folder if more than one folder has been selected for “watched”)

First and last are already there. Try focus, Format gives you all the choices you need to get your hires files. I specter and then there is also almost a footnote for storage locations where you can choose between different watched folders. ( no sub folders though)

Not sure about number 2. That looks more tricky but if you make Roon use your genre metadata then I think you could don’t his as well. Maybe others know how to do this.

You cam bookmark focused views for a quick return to them later.

I think Roon already does all of this…

Start by picking “Focus” at the top of the album or track browser:

Then scroll all the way to the right on the focus popup and lok for “Format” and “Inspector”:

The format popup:

Under “Inspector -> Storage Locations” you do the per-folder filtering:

If you come up with some focuses that you use frequently, you can bookmark them to save you the trouble of setting them up each time:

If you just want to see your genres and not have ours superimposed, set up your browsing preferences like this:

Note that these browsing settings are per-control-point. We may re-think this in the future, but for now, if you use multiple control points, you’ll need to set it up for each of them separately.

btw, are you the Zoltan Varga from mono/xamarin/msft?

Clearer response than mine but what about his own genres request?

That’s the thing about browsing preferences at the very end.

Ok now I see. I think will be useful for me too thanks.

Brian - thank you for the detailed answer! I am not Zoltan Varga from Mono/Xamarin. :slight_smile: I work for Microsoft.

I missed the “Focus” filter because I usually start browsing with “Genres”. Probably you should consider to add the “Focus” button to there too…

About using the genres from the files: I think I was not clear. Even if I have the “Show Roon Genres” switch off, I see sub-genres in the browser. Just for clarification, I have no sub-genre set in the files. Can I enforce only genres from the files?

There is a tedious fix: go to all of those sub-genres, edit each, and make it a top-level genre. I know of one or two people who’ve done that.

We don’t have a quick way to zap sub-genres globally I’m afraid.

Focusing within the genre browser is an interesting idea. We’ll give it some thought.

Thanks for the great support!