Filter Option HiRes

It would be great if it was possible to filter the Favourites (or any other collection) on format Eg. 192kHz, 96kHz, 88 etc.

Besides that…if there could be a clearly (yellow?) icon with every album that is 96kHz or beyond it would be an improvement

I take it you mean when general searching or using the Tidal or Qobuz sectors as you already can do this for anything in your library using focus and save it as a bookmark. Anything that’s hires will show an icon in Roon if you have it switched on.

Indeed. After a search in Qobuz you get some tag options and one of them is HiRes.
I am aware that Roon is showing an icon…but HiRes is not really “popping” out among the lesser formats like CD quality. So having more pronounced icons for this in combination with a filtering pull down menu for the format levels would make a great powerful add-on