Filter radio stations by stream quality


I’d just like to say, I did search for this, but did not find any similar requests. Apologies if I missed an exisiting topic.
I am new to Roon, but think it is a quality product.
I have recently been adding radio stations However to aid my exploration I wanted to search or filter based on stream quality. I do not believe this functionality exists. So I would like to request it, thanks!

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This doesn’t give you all that you want, but as a partial solution, you can search for flac which will give you all stations with high quality streams.

Thanks for the tip Brian… I will give that a go! :+1:t2:

OK, I’ll bite…and will probably have a strong ‘Duh!’ feeling when I see the answer.

So, how do I search for flac stations while in Live Radio?

If I use filter for ‘flac’ I get no hits.

If I search for ‘flac’ I get artists like Roberta Flack etc.

Happy to learn something new today… :slight_smile:

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Use regular search for flac, scroll to bottom of results for radio stations


@Larry_Post 's got it.