Filter record labels by hearts in tracks page

So I’m into electronic music and am very label focussed. Is there anyway to filter tracks on a label with hearts? I can filter by hearted releases in the album view but can’t seem to filter the actual tracks themsleves.

EDIT - I can’t see any way of doing this so I have posted in the feature request page.

Hi @fireapple Welcome.
I had a look at the Tracks view using focus and don’t believe you can get what you want as it is established now. However I do believe there is a workaround but of course it will be a bit manually intensive to initially set depending of how many labels you have and how many tracks you have hearted.
First Step
Open the Album that your track is on. Heart it. Press the 3 buttons to the far right for that track.

Second Step
Press Add to Tag and scroll down to add new tag. Name the New Tag your Label Description. Make sure the box is ticked and save.
You will now have a Tag for that label and and future songs that you heart can be added to that tag. Continue to do that for each new label and each new track that you heart.

You then have 2 ways to find your hearted tracks by label…
First is by using the side menu. Going down to Tags and Opening the Corresponding Tag Folder. In the example I set up I have called it electronic label - test.

You can then search that folder using the filter to the right or when there are multiple tracks in there by name, artist etc etc.

Second is by going to Tracks on your side menu and using the tags filter to get the results

All your hearted tracks will be under a tag for their assigned label.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, Fergus, thanks for replying.

That’s a great workaround. Then a bookmark for quick access. My library is new so this will be a good time to start tagging favourite labels.


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No problem. I saw you had only just joined so thought it might work well for you if you were adding new music to your library.

Just a quick heads up as well on your feature suggestion post. Normally if you request a feature you will normally cast you own vote as well. I would suggest you consider if you are happy to continue down this track and delete the feature request post, or whether you want to leave the request for others to consider voting.
Also it is worth noting that you get limited votes, (7 I think) they are not an unlimited resource so choose your supporting votes wisely.
Again, welcome and enjoy your music…

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Thanks for the heads up.

Loving Roon. After hosting a huge local library on iTunes for 15 odd years this is everything I dreamed of.

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Great program, you will get frustrated at some things, exhilarated by others.
Some great knowledge from members here on the forum all more than willing to share, but explore for yourself as well. I see you are aware of bookmarks already. Those along with Focus and Tags are a great place to explore.

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