Filter titles by "Album Type" like AMG and Roon Singles & EPs?

I like how AMG filters the discography by Albums, Compilations, Singles & EPs and Others (i.e. Bootlegs).
Roon “Album Type” displays Singles & EPs like this and type “other” is added to singles. I love using the Singles & EPs but would also like to have a filtered section for Compilations and Others. Checking the Other box just adds the title to Single & EPs instead of a section named Other.

I like to filter like AMG

Roon does this well for Singles & EPs.

I would like each Album Type to have it’s own section. Roon currently puts “Other” in with Singles & EPs. Compilations and Bootlegs just get an icon. I could also tag them “Other” but they would get mixed in with the SIngles & EPs section. Today I tag comps “main” so they show up with regular albums

Yes, there are only two sections under Artists: Main releases including Soundtrack and Compilation, and Singles and EPs including the Bootleg. Your best bet is take a look at Focus.

Add this as a feature request. It wouldn’t seem hard given it is already partially done?

Here is what I am trying to achieve.

Search on artist. Show all the “main” albums like today but filter out the other types, then a section below that for each other type

Singles and EPS

This works today for only Main vs Singles and EPS as mentioned. If I tag an album “other” it shows up as singles and eps.

This would be consistent with AMG

The Singles and EPs is great. I now want to move the YELLOW tiles to “Other” and the PINK to Compilations just as the Singles have their own section