Filtering problem

(Niccolò Terzi) #1

i refer here at the filtering function present in many roon views:

if i select the filter buttun (or press /…)
so the focus is automatically in the insertion line…

this is the normal behavior (say, in the ARTISTS or ALBUM views).

but in an artist page it does not. for example:

if i select the filter buttun (or press /…)

you have to additionally select the box to have the focus:

(David Gibson) #2

Works for me in every view.

(Niccolò Terzi) #3

maybe it depends on the OS.
here, i’m talking about Windows 7.
maybe on Mac o Android it works.

(David Gibson) #4

I’m using Windows 10 as a remote with a Roon Nucleus. Also works on my IPad.