Filtering results

I’m using 1.5 and great job on adding MQA support!

I’m using Roon only as a front-end for Tidal. It’s much better than Tidal Desktop.

But how do I filter albums?

Say I go… Tidal / Genres / Classical / New Classical / View all… but I then want to only see MQA albums?

I must be missing something basic here… I can’t imagine that Roon has no way to narrow down a list of albums.

Roon displays the MQA icon on the album artwork but yet seems to completely missing any sort of basic filtering capabilities!

After playing around with Roon 1.5 for a few hours I’ve gone back to Tidal Desktop… Why?

Even though I have around 1,000 ripped CD’s (Flac 44/16) I’ve not played them for months because 95% of what I own is already on Tidal, and about 10% of those are available as MQA’s.

Roon is overkill for someone only playing Tidal albums via a a single output (ie Dragonfly Red on a laptop).

The searching/filtering capabilities of Roon are non-existent.

The Discover feature of Roon only seems to consider Tidal albums that I’ve added to my library (about 100 favorite albums) and not the vast majority of Tidal albums that are not in my library. I’ve already discovered the albums in my library!

If Roon fixed the searching/filtering and discovery and maybe added some unique features like ability to show images from Discogs (for back covers) then it would be worth the $99 USD yearly subscription.

But in my case its just not worth it… so I’ll stick with Tidal Desktop.


The Focus function has a lot of independent dimensions: albums you added a year ago, but haven’t played much…

Focus only works with items in my library.
It doesn’t work with items in Tidal that are not in my library.


I’m not sure that example you give works in Tidal desktop either. You can go as far as show all new albums, but you can’t then filter by MQA, the only way of seeing which are MQA is via the greyed out M by the album (but they’re mixed in with everything else).

That said if you’re mainly using your Tidal library rather than your ripped one then the case for Roon is reduced.


You’re correct that Tidal Desktop doesn’t have that filtering either, which is why having it in Roon would make it a better UI for Tidal than Tidal Desktop.

I want to filter Tidal results in Roon as well. I want to exclude anything in the genre rap from my view. 8-10 albums in the What’s New view is rap. I like some rap but not most.

I think the notion of having 1000’s of albums available via streaming (but not in your library) is something that Roon was never designed to handle.

The Focus feature seems to only work with albums in your library, which is useless if you need to search what you have access to via streaming.

Probably not but as it is, it’s very difficult to find new releases that are in are in a genre of interest (or in my case not interested). Tidal does have genres, but one has to look in each independent of the others.

I would like one view of all new releases filtered by genres of my choosing.

TIDAL > Genres > e.g. Folk/Americana > New Albums > View All

@MatthewS2077 I believe the limitation is TIDAL. Roon only recently started displaying the MQA logo and this is a result of data mining because TIDAL doesn’t* provide this information in a useful way. Also, I think your request is unusual; choosing to listen to music because of the format. Find what you like, then use the Version tab to see if it’s available in MQA. Alternatively, download the MQA spreadsheet:

@Martin_Webster There’s just too much content and not enough time, hence if I’m trying to find new stuff to listen to I’m only interested in seeing MQA results.

Maybe Roon isn’t for you then … it’s all about the music.

Roon fanboi?
How is wanting to listen to MQA albums only not “all about the music”.
If the fidelity of the music doesn’t matter, as you seem to imply, then do you listen to your music on $5 ear buds? I see from your profile you do not…