Finally got the system in my cabin fully installed

Although you’re never really done…

Believe it or not, this is the “neater” of my systems. At least I could wire into the closet here. But this is not a bad place to be “quarantined” !!


Loving the hippy-chic aesthetic. What is the bin for?

Thank you for thinking I have enough fashion sense to adopt a “look.”

The bin is for beer cans and paid bills…

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I can only wish. But I bet it sounds better in here.

That looks like the day NASA attempted to run HQ Player! :grinning:

…and realised that landing something on Mars in one piece was probably easier.

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Definitely a MAN Cabin …

Is there Biometrics to keep the wife out ?

There seems an innate passion for tidying :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

She won’t go in there!

My goal is/was to have it be a combo between the bridge of the starship Enterprise and the Rokerij, which was my favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. (RIP Rokerij). But then I also had this military history art, so it’s a triple hybrid!

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Love it! :slight_smile:
I can spot two corsair (mini ITX?) boxes there as well as a mid tower PC. 3 separate windows systems or a different configuration?

Assuming enough food supplies, I would have zero incentive to leave such a cabin :grin:

Dang, shame to hear Rokerij is closed, that was a nice one. I think I still have a beermat from there.

Good eye! Yes, two Corsair boxes and a tower - all Windows 10 – the bottom one is my Roon core, the top is my regular desktop when I work from the cabin, and the tower is my main work computer from “home” in Chicago (where I haven’t been for 6 weeks now), which frees up the top Corsair box to stream movies and visuals over the extra monitors. On Sunday I had my top 10 war/sci-fi movies rotating through, just as eye candy. There’s a 4th machine, Windows 7, no fans, very electrically quiet, that is my endpoint.

Indeed. The Rokerij was the best. Great beer selection, good hash like everywhere there, and the most attractive set of bartenders in A’dam. I was privileged to be able to visit Amsterdam many times (like, really many) before I had kids, and the Rokerij was always in the schedule - hit the one right behind the train station upon arrival, then hit the big one before dinner at Puri Mas (Indonesian Reisstaffel!) , then one last time before bed. Great spot, too bad they got closed. But just as Amsterdam cracks down, the US is opening up! Have 2 dispensaries less than 8 miles from me here in Michigan! (But really the coffeeshop model was the best).

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Great stuff, and I’m very envious of your situation in Michigan - we’re a bit less evolved about these things in England. My favourite in Amsterdam was a little place called Siberië, which I’ve just Googled and am happy to report is still open. On a lovely canal, super friendly, light and airy - a great place for the afternoons. Happy times!

I hope to be able to go back to Amsterdam in the next few years, if even just for a long weekend. It has been too long since I had Chinese dumplings on the Warmoesstraat. I will check out Siberie if I do.

Yes, this is a good quarantine…fingers crossed everyone stays healthy and we are all able to travel again soon!

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This is why a system like mine, messy and ugly as it may look, is fun: this morning I completely switched it up by swapping cables.

Before it was: Streamer PC->Oppo BDP-105 DAC->BAT VK-3i (preamp) ->Musical Design D150->Monitor Audio RX08.

Now it is: Streamer PC->Project S2 Digital->Bryston BP-25->Bryston 3B NRB ->Focal Electra 1007 Be

Changeover took about 15 minutes, and that’s only because I had to maneuver the Bryston preamp into my rack. I can change it back in less than 45 seconds or swap in any individual component or combination.

Why is a different question.