Find My Vinyl Albums

Over time I have added my digitized vinyl albums to Roon and I simply added (Vinyl) to the album folder on my storage location. For example:

Pink Floyd/(1973) Meddle (Vinyl)

I SHOULD have also created a Vinyl Tag in Roon and tagged each album as I added them, but I didn’t have that foresight.

How can I now find and group these albums? The “Vinyl” shows up as the album Version when I look at details but I can’t figure out how to search based on that. I would have to search on *Version because I have things like (MFSL Vinyl) also.


I’m assuming you haven’t digitised them at a unique sampling rate that you can use Format Focus on, so are there any external cues you can use, for example have you ripped these into a unique root folder such as Vinyl>Album>Artist separate from your other music? If so, you can use Inspector to filter on your storage location, then tag the results.

Or did you batch add your digitised LPs around a certain date? You could filter on that.

If none of that is helpful, you might have to physically batch move your folders with “Vinyl” in the title using something like Windows/Mac search into their own root directory (as above), then re-add them to Roon as an additional storage location, which you can then filter in Inspector.

I did not separate the various vinyl rip folders from my CD ones, unfortunately, as I did for my DSD material. Otherwise, yes, I could base selection on location.

Most of the rips are at 24/96 but I did do a number at 16/44.1 before I smartened up when I saw Roon calling them “CDs” and noted the complaints about that here on the forum have been ignored.

I suspect you’re correct - I’ll have to use a file utility to find and move all these folders, let Roon remove them and re-add them from a separate source folder.

I’ll admit I did this poorly. But it seems like Roons search could be a lot more flexible too.


I’m not too sure about how Mac Finder behaves, but Windows search will display your folders in no time if you navigate to your music’s root folder in Explorer and type “vinyl” in the search box.

Then you can do a Select All and move them elsewhere.

Take backups etc. etc. before commencing.


Once you’ve found them you could just use tags "vinyl’ “mfsl” etc in roon then you can identify and group them.

I don’t know how Mac Finder works either. But what I have done for exactly this scenario in Windows is

  1. Search in Explorer on Vinyl
  2. Select all
  3. Right click to open with mps3tag
  4. Select all
  5. Set ROONALBUMTAG=Vinyl Rip

ROONALBUMTAG is a very useful roon specific tag which allows you to get the “green” roon tags into your library via an external tagger. I’m not sure if many are aware of this feature. You may prefer this method if you you have a directory structure you don’t want to change. I was able to do several hundred albums and thousands of tracks like this in a few clicks.

Maybe you can do something similar with Mac Finder and a Mac tagger like Yate.


Perfect. I had forgotten Roon has a custom tag available. Don’t even have to mess with your file structure with this method.


Well… I’ve added the tag “ROONALBUMTAG=Vinyl” a couple of my vinyl rip albums, stopped and started Roon server and… nothing. I assume this is supposed to insert a Tag entry called Vinyl in the Tags view, but it didn’t seem to.


Just to make sure, you created an ID field called ROONALBUMTAG. And then in it’s value area you entered Vinyl.

Like so using MP3Tag - Adding the field and it’s value


Then notice that there is the new Tag and Value in the metadata


Sorry, yes I should have been more explicit.

I did indeed do exactly what you said, a new field called ROONALBUMTAG with a value of Vinyl.

If I browse to the album I do see a green tag named Vinyl but if I select it I get the following message:

“This tag was not found in your library.
It may have existed in the past, but your library no longer has any items tagged with this tag.”


Interesting. I’ll check that out when I get home from work.