Find remixes by artist?

Is there no way to easily display all remixes done by a certain artist? For example, take Man With No Name. I have 28 tracks that he has done a remix of for other artists. Ideally I would like to be able to go to his artist page and see all of these somehow, but I’m not seeing any way. I even have “Remixer” credited in all the metadata.
However it seems to work the other way around, for example under “Appearances” on MWNN artist page I am getting remixes of his tracks done by other artists. This seems backwards. Am I doing something wrong, or is Roon just really bad at this?

I guess it is a matter of which categories of participation are shown by roon on the main artist page. We had a similar discussion about in which cases the ´Composed by´ section is shown or not.

´Remixed by´ seems not to be existing, probably for the reason there is no consistent tagging in roon´s own pool of metadata to accumulate a comprehensive list for that. Did you add the ´remixer´ credit by yourself?

The other general problem I see with your idea is that roon´s way of showing releases in form of accumulated covers is to a certain degree album-oriented. If these 28 remix tracks done by one artist are mainly on samplers or albums of other artists, I could easily imagine things to get messy the moment you list them all as covers.

That is probably because he is credited as a main artist or performer for these tracks so roon´s algorithm is meant for accumulating these albums on his main page (same is true to ´Production´, and in some cases ´Composed by´).

Are the album(s) Identified?
If not, what you see is Roons interpretation of your metadata/tagging.

Even if they are identified, it is not a guarantee to have all credits for remixers, arrangers and producers assigned to them. That is particularly true to samplers.

Thanks so much to you both for the “why” as to what’s displaying (and not).

I did manually add the “Remixer” credit to most of them in hopes that would get it to display, but some did have it already. After playing around a bit the only way I’ve found to get them to display on the main artist page is to go into the metadata for the remix track and add a “primary artist” credit. This then groups them into the Appearances section, along with other tracks by the artist on DJ mixes and his tracks remixed by other artists. It’s not perfect, ideally I’d like all of those split into separate sections, but it’s a bit better than what I was doing which was just creating playlists for different artists that I have many remixes by (which was quickly cluttering my playlist section).

I guess a nice feature request would be to somehow be able to have a “Custom Credit(s)” option for the artist page to choose a credit(s) to display on a section of the artist pages aside from primary artist ones, or perhaps just subsections of Appearances. Of course, I’m no software engineer so have no idea of how difficult or the plausibility of this.

Just to follow up after playing with this more, the only solution I’ve found is to manually go to every Remix track and add the credited “Remixer” artist as a “Primary Artist” to get them to show up under Appearances. Quite annoying really, as I’ve found other credits such as “Keyboard” on a single track of an album manage to get an Artist to show up under Appearances.

Why can “Remixer” not be such a credit that allows this to show up in Appearances?

Remixing an entire track, which often becomes more the Remixers music than the original, seems much more significant than one track on an album where somebody played a few keyboard lines.

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