Finding Compositions and Covers

One of my favorite features in Roon is finding cover versions of famous songs. I usd to be able to click on the three dots next to a song, select “Composition” from the pop up box, and then it would list all the versions of that song by other artists.

That feature seems to have disappeared in the past week, or I am somehow forgetting how to access. Any help?

Anyone? Really hoping to easily find cover versions of original compositions. It used to be simple.

It seems to be still there … maybe not on some tracks which are not identified. Probably some examples / screenshots would help like for which songs “Go to composition” is missing.

Seems to work for me…at least for some songs with obviously know covers

Hmm. I tried your example and it worked. Then I tried clicking a few random tracks, like Leonard Cohen’s Bird on Wire or Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love. On the latter two, when I click on the three dots next to the track title, I don’t get a “Go to Composition” option. But if I search for the song by typing the name into the search box and then I scroll down to the bottom of the results page (below artists and albums and tracks) there is a section listing all the Compositions that use my search terms and only then can I locate the Cohen or Dylan examples, by clicking on the selection which then shows all the covers. So it’s there but I have to search using the name of the Composition first rather than just click a link in the current track I am playing.

Oddly, when I’ve found a specific cover I liked, there still is no Composition option when I click the three dots next to the track name.

Are these compositions identified? “Three dots” → “Go To Composition” only gives me the covers if the tracks have the composers and also roon displays counters of the covers both locally and with your streaming service. That is, roon has identified at both an album and track level. Normally I just click on the counters to go to the covers as that is quicker (less clicks).

I have a lot of gaps with Pop/Rock/Jazz where compositions are not identified because there is missing/incomplete metadata and it is a lot of manual editing effort to fix. This is a long-standing issue with Classical. Screenshot below. Perhaps you can share a similar screenshot?