Finding particular works

This continues to be a problem for me; it may well be a question of finding an effective strategy.

Today I simply wanted to view all available versions of Brahms’ Symphony 1. I found I knew no way to do this directly and simply; I ended up browsing through Brahms “Works” (Works/Focus/Brahms)–quite a lot of browsing. Furthermore, I found that due to inconsistency in tagging (“Brahms Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68”; “Brahms Symphony No. 1, Op. 68, in C minor”) it was listed as several different “Works”. [Edit:] Since metadata comes from all over the place, I wonder if Roon might have some built-in way to improve it.

The other key point here is that although I’m a Tidal subscriber, this approach does not turn up Tidal results. Searching Tidal results for Symphony No. 1 is even more unwieldy (less wieldy?).

Advice appreciated.



Hey @Jim_Austin.

Please would you try the following?

  1. Do a search (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F to bring up the search box) for “Johannes Brahms”.

  2. Click on Brahm’s “Composer” result.

  3. See that, although I only have 10 Brahms works in my library, there are 487 on TIDAL… (for me in the UK).

  4. Select the TIDAL list of works and sort by whichever order you like.

  5. Type something in the filter box. “68” brings up the 1st Symphony.

  6. Click on the work. You now have 108 performances of Brahm’s 1st Symphony to explore.


Joel, thanks for this, it’s absolutely brilliant! One strange thing, however: I see only 95 Tidal Symphony 1s. I wonder why you have more than me.

The beautiful thing about this is that there are far, far more Tidal versions than I thought there were based on my aimless browsing.

Thanks so much.


You’re very welcome! BTW, I was mistaken about the “bug”. By filtering on “68”, it’s simply reduced the number of found works to 1 locally and 1 on TIDAL.

On the number of performances, it simply comes down to copyright in different TIDAL regions. I’m guessing that you are not in the UK.

Correct–I’m in the U.S.

One more quick question: I’d like to fix the problem I mentioned before, about different names for the same work. I’d like to change (eg) “Symphony No. 1, Op. 68, in C minor” to “Symphony No. 1 in C minor Op. 68”, to conform with the other versions in my collection. The one with the anomalous name is part of a boxed set–so I need to alter the title of just one work within a larger multi-disc album. How do I make that change?


Wait–just one more question. Can I now filter those 95 Tidal results to find (eg) a recoding by a particular conductor (say, Karl Bohm)?

@Jim_Austin On your first question, the short answer is to wait for 1.3 as there will be some improvements in this area. On filtering those 95 results, unfortunately, it can’t be done yet. However, I’d encourage you to try the search function. Although I didn’t manage to get a top hit, my first search found a Kahl Böhm Brahms No. 1:

Thanks. I think my problem with search is a lack of confidence. Google has spoiled me. I tend to search for bits of names instead of whole names. I’ll play around some with search.