FIP radios now with metadata - experimental

FIP stations can now be streamed with metadata for all Roon users. Please note this is not provided by Roon team but is a hack, so it can break anytime :slight_smile: I am especially unsure about the capacity of my Google Cloud minimal setup to handle hundreds/thousands of connections, let’s see.

You need to select as default the second AAC 192kHz stream, it has :8000 near the end of the address.
Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 03.31.59

Credits go to @Sebastien for the design and coding!


Not a station I listen to but I tried it and it worked. Well done all involved.

Tried it and works on first track, but the metadata doesn’t get updated. When clearing queue and restarting the stream it’s still on the old song.

Tried on FIP and FIP Groove.

Really nice initiative! Something I was always missing on the FIP stations!

Thanks for your report. It’s fresh from last night so probably a couple of debug/optimisations are ahead of me…

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Good work Rémi (and @Sebastien)

Tout Nouveau not showing metadata.

I’ve seen that, no explanation for this lack of data for this FIP channel.
There was some instability in the setup this morning, let me know how it goes now, i.e. if streams are stable and metadata integrated in Roon.
I do not intend to maintain this “metadata adding service” in the long run, I hope it can serve as a proof of concept that it can be done and hopefully implemented by Roon.
I am still working on RP FLAC with metadata but is should be available in the next days as FIP is, as a proof of concept.

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And nor should you. But as a PoC, it has been well worthwhile.

Metadata are back for FIP tout nouveau.
Problem was on FIP site apparently, they fixed it.

In order to limit load on my server, I had to change the streaming status of all FIP satellite stations to “on-demand”. It means that if you are the first user to connect to a given channel, connexion is a bit longer (2 seconds) plus you might face a delay until metadata arrives, worst case until the next song. FIP main channel should not be impacted. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Happy to report that my FIP metadata service is now very stable for the 8 FIP stations. There is an average of 5-10 Roon users streaming at any time of the day, and it’s nice to see people from US, UK, the Netherlands enjoying these French public stations (yeah, I see your IP, you streamers, bwaa ha ha ha ha!)

I will maintain the service for the next 6 months at least as my Google Cloud “free credits” consumption proves to be quite low. To check on service status click here.

For FIP sub-channels (Jazz, ROck ,World etc…) you still have to wait for the next song in order to get metadata, if you are the first streamer, I plan to fix that in the next weeks when I have a couple of hours to learn more about Node-Red.

The Netherlands reporting! :joy:

Can we help this service in any way?


  1. Praise Lord @Sebastien for the code
  2. Ask for French citizenship and pay taxes to fund State-owned FIP network
  3. Like this post

OK, some news:

  • the FIP metadata service i setup is stable, no server reboot for 2 months and smooth delivery of the service (5-15 users on permanently)
  • with a consuption of an equivalent of 1€/day, my Google Cloud credits will expire at some point at the end of the year. Any volunteer to keep the service going ? I can help with setting up the VM in Google Cloud. Unfortunately I can’t run from home due to bandwidth limitation

I’m currently in France so got FIP on DAB+, so don’t need it…

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but seriously, I’m willing to check it out when back home. We run multiple servers so maybe I can fix something…

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Ok thanks to @Sebastien, metadata is now displayed within seconds on all FIP channels, no need anymore to wait for the next song. Make sure your default stream is the one starting with 34.107…

Next step : integrate metadata for France Musique stations (classical) and move the server from the cloud to my garage, I now have fiber, yeaaaaaah.

Apologies to the FIP streamers: I have to reboot the server this afternoon to deploy new stations so expect some cuts…

The 8 FIP stations custom metadata streams have been moved today from Google Cloud to their final server at home - a used Raspberry PI3B :slight_smile: . No action needed from Roon listeners but please report connection issues or stuttering if any. NB: Some stations can take 2-3 seconds to start, this is by design to keep them “on demand” and save bandwidth.

Discussion can continue here, merging FIP and France Musique into a broader “Radio France metadata” thread.
This one can be closed.