Radio metadata service - FIP - France Musique and others


This post is a continuation of several threads including FIP radios now with metadata - experimental - #16 by alec_eiffel and France Musique main and thematic channels - experimental metadata (these can be closed).

A total of 24 stations are now available with metadata, exclusively for Roon users. There’s nothing to do but select the station in Live Radio and hit play. Make sure the default stream is the one at 193kHz rate for the Radio France channels and MP3 128kbps for BBC.

The available stations are:

  • Amazing Radio UK, Amazing Radio US
  • BBC Radio 6 Music (MP3 128kbps only)
  • Classic 21 (RTBF)
  • FIP
  • FIP Rock
  • FIP Jazz
  • FIP Groove
  • FIP World
  • FIP Nouveautés
  • FIP Reggae
  • FIP Electro
  • FIP Pop
  • France Musique
  • France Musique La Baroque
  • France Musique Classique Easy
  • France Musique Classique Plus
  • France Musique La Jazz
  • France Musique La contemporaine
  • France Musique Ocora (world)
  • France Musique Concerts Radio France
  • France Musique la BO (soundtracks)
  • France Musique Opéra
  • France Inter

In most cases Roon will be able to identify the track, artist, album, and provide clickable links to its database (for example : you hear a song you like, you can click on it and add it or the whole album to your library if you have a streaming service enable). For classical it doesn’t work so well but still you can see composer, interpret, and title of the work - but no clickable link…

Please report any trouble or post new request in this thread.

NB: this service is provided by a hobbyist of the community (me), and not by Roon. It is experimental and therefore can break or be stopped anytime.

Update Oct 3th, 2020
- new more powerful cloud server allowing for more stations and bandwidth
- better handling of classical channels, in the form Composer / Interpret - Title of Work / Album when available
- better handling of Program Mode and Song Mode. Program title is displayed if no Song metadata is available.
- added France Inter (program mode only available)
Update Oct 26th, 2020
- added new France Musique Opéra station
- added BBC Radio 6 Music metadata on 128kbps MP3 stream
*Update Oct 29th, 2020
- infrastructure update: split NodeRed metadata processing from Icecast relaying for better performance and accommodation of more stations
Update Nov 26th, 2020
- added new FIP Pop channel
- new FIP logos
Update Nov 28th, 2020
- added Amazing Radio UK and US
Update Nov 28th, 2020
- added Amazing Radio UK and US
Update Dec 3rd, 2020
*-moved Icecast server to Microsoft Azure cheap VM
*Update March 8th, 2021
- added Classic 21 (RTBF network, pop-rock)
- infrastructure running from my garage now to keep costs at zero
- added home page for the service incl. Paypal donation link


What a star! Well done.

Thanks for doing this! FIP has become my first hand choice for radio. Being able to click my way to artist info and adding albums really helps me discover new music. Great work and generous server hosting, thanks again.


Great work! Would it be possible to add the French private channel RTL2?

France Musique recently published “Opéra” web radio stream (id station 409):
Rémi, possible to add and reference it ? Thank’s for your work, useful for Roon community.

In another quite different genre Radio France also provides metadata APIs (same format) for “Le Mouv” Web Radios, :

  • Rap Français
  • 100% Mix
  • Classics
  • Kid’s N family
  • Rap US
  • RnB & Soul
  • Dancehall

Good catch!
I’ve just added France Musique Opéra to Roon’s internet radio directory, with exclusive home brewed metadata!
I had seen that Mouv and sister stations had APIs but will refrain to implement them for now, my tiny server is already processing 20 stations so for the sake of stability I will hold on adding more.

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Super, Merci …

Added today the new “FIP Pop” channel, with the now usual metadata service.

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@BrianW I’d like to update my first post but it seems I have reached a limit of 9 and cannot edit anymore, is there a way to override this?

I was not yet able to find a working entry point into m6/RTL servers to sniff the metadata. Will keep investigating. Also it seems that RTL2 has stopped streaming in 192kbps, down to 128kbps.

I’ve bumped you up. Try now. (You were almost there anyway)

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Added another lower bitrate MP3 metadata stream for FIP, as their servers for AAC are sometimes choking during high demand (typically in the morning on week-ends…)

I have been playing a bit more with Node-Red to build a dashboard for the metadata service. It will be soon available to everyone (the Raspi server is at home and I want to open it in the most secured way), but for now it looks like this:

Let me know if you see additional info or features of interest.

Here’s the link to the dashboard (still http:// only, working on https://):

The dashboard is updated automatically every 10min but you can force the update with “Refresh”.

Improvement ideas welcome.

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Nice work, Rémi. Node-red’s capabilities are very impressive.

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For those having “private” relays here’s the dashboard code:

The following Node-Red add-ons need to be installed via the Palette:

There is no need for the Node-Red dashboard flow to be on the same machine as the Icecast relay (o
even the Node-Red metadata flow, they are independant). But it can work of course if all is on the same machine (replace everywhere with

Node-Red is really a swiss knife with lots of capabilities that are accessible to the average tech-savvy guy, no need to be a pro developer.

That’s my homework assignment for the week then…

I have also updated icecast.xml and metadata crunching code :

Of course the links to have to be changed to point to your Icecast server, and “PASSWORD” modified as well.

A bit of fun : a dynamic map of the current listeners of the metadata service and some new charts and tables in the dashboard

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Updated the code with Worldmap feature and bug correction. The following add-ons have to be added in the palette, and Node-Red 1.2.6 (latest) is mandatory.

Dashboard and Worldmap address :

Metadata service is down: Google Cloud’s fault “The zone europe-west3-c’ does not have enough resources available to fulfill the request”…
Hopefully it will come back soon…