Radio metadata service - FIP - France Musique and others

Google Cloud = :-1:
Service is back through Microsoft Azure fallback server.

Quick stats: new record of 30 listeners last Saturday at 5PM UTC!

FIP and BBC Radio 6 still the favorite stations for Rooners on this service, from California to Hong-Kong!

Live stats here :

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Hi Rémi,

would it be possible to get actual artist and song for RadioEins in Berlin?

In the source code of RadioEins’ website I found an url where artist and song are displayed

Thanks and regards,

Hello @Thomas_Forster, well done - you’ve found a bug in Roon!

The redirection in that stream caused Roon to lose the metadata. I’ve changed the stream - try now.

Hello Brian,

wow, that’s brilliant! Long time ago metadata was there and then it disappeared. I was really missing it and tried to bring metadata to gears like LaMetric Time but was too stupid to do so.

Thank you so much!!!

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No problem, pleased to help. I shall be informing the Roon devs of the problem.

Added identification of Core type (Windows, MacOS, Linux/Rock).
Added detection of non Roon users (rogue streams) in red, to possibly kick them out to save bandwidth.

Quite funnily this afternoon UK is Windows, EU is more Linux :slight_smile:
The rogue one here is me testing.

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@BrianW and others, GoogleCloud prices are going up and I am investigating again to find a cost-free solution for the service in the long run.
For the next 24 hours I will experiment a new solution for FIP and BBC Radio 6, which are the most demanded stations. Let me know if you experience trouble on these, like dropouts.

FIP stream

BBC Radio 6 stream

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Google Cloud outage: service is down…

Service is back thanks to a spare Microsoft Azure account.
Google Cloud is really a pain, bugs, unavailabilities…
As Azure and GGloud turn out to be not cheap in the long run past the “free credits”, I will deploy in the next days a server that will run from home. In order to limit traffic to the Roon users really interested by metadata, I will configure the metadata streams to be of lesser priority than the original ones.
Which means a manual action is needed set the metadata stream as default.
Change has been made for BBC Radio 6 and FIP already.

If you want metadata on BBC Radio 6, you need to set as default the 127kbps stream, and for FIP the 191kbps stream.

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New home page for the service including donation link to help funding the dedicated 70€ Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

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What a wonderful service you have been providing , thankyou so very much, I use it every day for BBC Radio 6. It seems that the mp3 stream will go down this month however, will you be able to instead deliver a different stream or will be left with official aac being only working stream moving forward, which of course has no metadata…

I’ve updated the mp3 stream for the main BBC channels. They should be OK.

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Hi Gordon, I’ll change the configuration later today (this will stop all currently playing BBC Radio 6 streams, just hit play again). There should be no pb to keep the metadata service active.

Done, metadata relay server updated, sorry for the 3 listeners that got kicked out , you can resume streaming now :slight_smile:

So brilliant , thankyou so very much ! What an amazing service you offer, I can’t tell you how often i have used the metadata to add content to Room that I have enjoyed on radio 6, thanks to the stream. Thankyou!

Ps I just sent a little $ via paypal to the address listed at , hopeful others who love the service can consider doing so also!


Yes! Just did.

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@alec_eiffel are you monitoring the bandwidth on the RPi? Curious what the monthly averages are!