Roon doesn’t display radio schedule

Considering how amazing Roon is otherwise, I can’t understand why with Internet radio, e.g. BBC radio, there is no information on what is being played, performers etc… as you would find on the web… somewhat disappointing in terms of experience, which should be seamless and the same as when streaming music from elsewhere… is Roon looking at this?

It all depends on the radio stream. Some radio streams do have meta data which Roon displays. Try 98 Rock from Baltimore. Shows the meta data and you can click on the album and band.

Thanks Daniel… might you suggest to the developers to make this functionality available routinely?.. I use the radio a lot… Many thanks for your help – Gavin Miller

As Rugby writes, it is the radio station that has to send the metadata about what is being broadcasted.
Roon has the functionality, but cannot show information if it is not in the stream.

So, it’s the BBC then! Is that right? … Many thanks for your help – Gavin Miller

A number of stations store information about the track, what’s been played, up next and so on in a separate page on their server. Their apps access this in conjunction with the stream to display the information. One user, @alec_eiffel , has simulated this for BBC 6 music and you will see metadata for that stream - see

Apart from that, at the moment Roon’s Live Radio cannot do this.