Firmware 13.2.0 - DOS.2.2.6 released

It’s a pretty hard problem to fix apparently. I had a Beta version of firmware that didn’t fix it for me but it did for the guy who sent it to me. mdconelly got another version that didn’t work for him. Now with the new version it’s working for me but not for mdconnelly.

I wonder whether there’s a simple solution to this. One that says 'we used these products and these cables and it works 100%. Then everyone can just buy those products and be done with it.

A dealer and mate of mine uses Pakedge, which is a professional brand, and he never runs into problems. It’s expensive though, and it needs to be installed by someone with more than average networking knowledge.


I am very, very happy with the update. It fixed all of my networking problems with the expert pro 220.
I was used to restarting the 220 every day to reconnect to the router. But since the update 6 days ago it’s been running without a problem.
Anyone with network problems should install the update.

I sended a mail to Pakedge, waiting for their response…

Thanks for the tip.

I don’t know whether they even know Roon. They’re a networking company. I guess we’ll see.

After a fair degree of experimentation on my Expert Pro 220, there is still an issue with dropouts on 24/96 and more so 24/192. Any suggested remedies other than admitting defeat and resorting to Air?

It is still a Devialet issue that needs to be resolved. Submit tickets to Devialet support. The only alternative to use Roon RAAT is to resort to a 10/100 mbps switch in front of the Devialet or use WiFi which is what I’ve been doing since Devialet first released their support for RAAT 20 months ago.

The recent update from Devialet eliminated the “audio files loading slowly…” error but the dropouts are still unacceptable if streaming hi-res music on gigabit Ethernet.

Thanks Michael.

I am already working with Devialet but no solution so far. They will get there eventually but upgrades are few and far between.

WiFi is supposed to be inferior to ethernet and Air to Roon Ready. Any good reason for one over the other?

Will a £10 switch do the trick or do I need something special?

(Cross-posted from Devialet Chat): If Dickens had written “A Tale of Two Cities,” incidentally my favorite fiction book, with Devialet in mind, he might point to its timely adoption of Roon and its flawed implementation of Sweet Room.

For many on this forum, the Roon adoption brought us a badly needed streaming solution (recall Roon and Air working perfectly in tandem) beginning with the pre-Expert Pro line. I still figuratively shake my head in amazement that Devialet found a way to work effectively with Roon, especially when you consider how many manufacturers today (Hegel, NAD, etc.) are struggling to get their units certified.

On the other hand, how many manufacturers would put their customers through such an insanely difficult and convoluted process to get Sweet Room working? Devialet helped usher in the high-end audio lifestyle product that eliminated multiple boxes, looked great and, once the configuration process was done, worked as fluidly as a warm knife slicing through Normandy butter. Yet now, we are required to find/purchase a microphone, ferret out an appropriate software package and then rely on the good graces of fellow owners to figure out how to make the obstinate thing work. One day, I hope to find a solution and be able to say “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done.”

@PFBTG - I am using a 5 port Startech 10/100 fast ethernet switch I got from Amazon and it works fine. I know some owners have opted for the Uptone EtherRegen which is considered an “audiophile” switch. It’s far more expensive, does output 100mbps to the Devialet, and most report that it also improves sound quality. I haven’t gone down that path (yet :wink:

My wifi is just not sufficiently stable to use so I went the fast ethernet switch route. To my ears, there is little sonic difference between AIR and RAAT. I’ve seen reports both ways on DevialetChat. For me, the deciding factor is that Roon AIR does not allow syncing of two or more zones while RAAT does.

I still have hope that Devialet will eventually address this bug (along with a few others) but they are painfully slow. I’ve had a ticket open with Devialet for a long time and periodically ping them for updates just to let them know I’m still waiting.

Both are not true. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, unless you have performance issues with one of them. Wi-Fi is providing a better isolation (no electrical wires between streamer and Devialet).

Hi Michael

unfortunately that is the way measuring for RC works. A calibrated microphone and some software. Accourate, Audiolense, Dirac, Trinnov, REW… HAF and others use the same method, but filters are created for you elsewhere.
Devialet could have done it a bit easier to load the filters, I agree - maybe they will at some point, but you have to do the measurement. And editing a text file is easy, no? After all Devialet is not Bang & Olufsen!
Look at how Dutch&Dutch have done it for their 8c. A mic and REW. Earlier you’d have to configure the EQ in each speaker looking at numbers in REW. Now REW has direct interfacing with the speakers and both measuring and applying EQ is done from REW.

Thanks for the help. It is frustrating to know that Roon Ready is designed for us but not fully operational. One day…

I am testing Air as an alternative and it seems to be a good bet at the moment.

In my system, Air sounds better. Roon Ready sound is sharp edged.

It is important to note that Roon RAAT does seem to work just fine over gigabit eithernet if streaming regular CD rips or downloads at 16bit. The problem only seems to occur with 24bit music and even then, not for everyone. For those that are still experiencing dropouts, it can be made to work well by using wifi or a 10/100 mbps inexpensive ethernet switch.

So while I continue to be disappointed that Devialet cannot resolve the gigabit ethernet dropouts many of us are experiencing, I still love streaming Roon to my Expert Pro 440.

I’ve had a response from Devialet and it seems that they still have no remedy for the RR dropouts.

Having tested out AIR v. RR WiFi, there is definitely a different sound.

That seems to be a matter of taste and for me RR sounds much warmer on my Expert Pro 220 with Focal No 2 using SAM. I got a thrill, which just wasn’t happening listening via AIR.

The 10/100 mbps switch might be my next step, if WiFi falls over at all.

Whoa - no more dropouts streaming hi-res music over gigabit ethernet!

Even with the Devialet firmware/DOS update, I was still having frequent dropout issues when streaming hi-res music using RAAT over gigabit ethernet. I’ve tried running RoonServer on 3 different Intel i7 computers running Win 10 Pro. 16gb of memory on all. Windows on SSD drives on all. It all worked perfectly - except via gigabit ethernet. Dropouts occurred. Frequently. Typically on every hi-res track played.

But (and this is big), I bought a NUC 8i7beh, installed ROCK, moved my 4tb USB drive that contains my music and Roon backups from my previous Roon Win10 PC to the NUC, and restored my Roon database. I changed nothing with regard to networking… just swapped out the Win PC with the NUC.

With Roon up and running on the NUC/ROCK, I sat down in front of my Expert Pro 440 and started streaming hi-res music using RAAT over gigabit ethernet. No dropouts after the 1st song… just lucky? No dropouts after the 1st album. Whoa! Here I sit typing this 2 days and at a half dozen hours total of hi-res RAAT streaming WITHOUT A SINGLE DROPOUT!

What this means I haven’t a clue. Does a NUC have better networking? Is running RoonServer on Win 10 more prone to dropouts? I got so use to blaming Devialet that I was totally surprised that this worked. Perfectly.

@support - tagging you here since I know you’ve been nagged a good bit about issues with RAAT to Devialet. Any insight on why this works perfectly with ROCK on a NUC but not with RoonServer on Win 10? FWIW, I have reported this to Devialet support as well.

Merry Christmas to me!

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You changed both the hardware and the OS. if you don’t mind the trouble, you may try installing Windows 10 Pro on your NUC8i7BEH. See if the problem occurs, that may give a hint on exactly which element solved your your problem (hardware or OS). By changing the OS, you’re changing the timing of the network packets.

So, it looks like the problem was your Win10 Roon core?! Glad you finally got the better of it.

That is certainly interesting and very good news!

Congrats, Mike. I know how long you’ve been dealing with this nettlesome issue! Regarding the thought by @wklie to test Win10 Pro on the NUC, I’d leave well enough alone! :wink: