Firmware update notification for Roon Ready devices

This one is probably a bit exotic, and rather far down the to-do list, but as an end-user, it’d be nice to get Roon to notify me of available firmware / software updates on my Roon Ready devices, rather than have to periodically go through 'em to see if something’s available. Even assuming “just” a prompt, and not a one-click process like updating Roon, it’d be nice, and, yes, probably imply that the device manufacturers care enough to be bothered to provide an easy way to push the information.

Edit: as pointed out by @Ken_Lesniak I missed the point so ignore what follows. :joy:

Do you not get prompted by your app store?
My iPad and Android devices all tell me there are new versions.


I think you missed a subtly there. The OP said “roon ready devices”. So he’s talking about DACs, receivers, and other gear that have a roon endpoint built in.

Clearly it would be up to the manufacturer to communicate this to Roon, so I’m guessing it would be a mess.

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Or rather, that “device manufacturers care enough to be bothered”, which is a (very) long shot, obviously :wink:

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I get emails about my Naim device but that’s about it :slight_smile:

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Same here… I get the occasional email from the distributor of one of my devices, but that’s really it. As long as Roon offering the option to manufacturers of letting users know there’s an update isn’t abused (say by some marketing mouthbreather who’d be really proud of his “hack” to get attention on a new product or something), it’d instinctively feel like it might make sense for everyone.