Firmware v46 for Gamma server

The new firmware v46 is also available for Gamma server. Changes are very positive, in particular the new GUI. Good work!

I just noticed that albums cover is not always available even with a refresh. Not a big problem anyway.

@Phil_Active_Audio Roon posted a message yesterday stating they were having problems with covers and may take a few days to resolve. Might be related to this and not the device.

Sorry, my message was not clear and thus confusing.

No issue with covers in Roon (or not noticed). One of the new exaSound firmware functionalities is the GUI, and some pages now display the album cover in the background of the page (e.g. volume page). But sometimes the cover does not display.

Ahh, understood.

Hi Phil_Active_Audio,

Thank you for the feedback. The images are provided by the Roon API. I am not sure what happens in this case, we will keep an eye on it.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need some logs.

If the problem persists turn on verbose logging, make the issue to happen again and send the logs. Then send email to our customer service and we will check it.

Don’t keep verbose logging on all the time. It consumes lots of memory. When verbose logging is on it is a good idea to reboot the exaSound server or streamer every day.

Done this morning. I started some individual songs in my library and Qobuz without issue, and then an album (Röyksopp). Album cover was available for the first song of the album but then not available for the second neither the third (black screen - dark mode).

Hope this will help.