Fixed Volume doesn't work with Squeezebox

Roon Core Machine

Rock on Intel NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Rock — Euphony StylusEP — Mytek DAC+

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue


I was using HQP as transport protocol between a NUC running Roon (Rock) and another NUC running Euphony StylusEP. Since the HQP upgrade on Roon, this setup doesn’t work anymore (Euphony does not support the latest version of HQP) I moved to Squeezebox as transport between the 2 NUCs.

I noticed that setting Volume Control to “Fixed Volume” as no effect. With both “Device Volume” and “Fixed Volume”, the cursor is present and volume can be controlled. This is only for Squeezebox, “Fixed Volume” for other devices e.g. Chromecast makes the cursor not available.

I want to be able to use “Fixed Volume” with Squeezebox for bit perfect resolution.


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