Fixed Volume - Optimum volume setting before fixing?


I’m currently using roon with a preamp so I prefer to use ‘fixed volume’

When I set the volume to ‘fixed volume’ it sets it to the volume percentage currently selected. What is the optimum percentage I should select before fixing the volume?



The manufacturer of the device feeding your pre-amp should be able to tell you how to set it. When I owned a Meridian 808v6 it was 87. My current dCS gear shows 0.
With some devices you just select fixed or variable.

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The optimum value is whatever represents maximum output. That will keep the output signal bit perfect which is what you need to be trying to achieve.

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Thanks, I’m not sure how to get this information. I’m currently using a Raspberry pi4 (with RopieeeXL) into my Naim Nait 5si.

Thanks for your help. I think I’ve found a fix by setting Roon to ‘DPS volume’ it sets the volume to 0db and as long as I keep it set to that I get full quality. P

Surprised that DSP Volume was helpful. I was going to suggest “Fixed Volume” for "Volume Control and (under Advanced in Device Setup), enable “Force Max Volume At Playback Start”.

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Thanks David, I’ll give this a try.

Much better. Thanks David.

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