Fixed volume vs device volume

My core is on a late 2013 imac and i use an ipod touch as endpoint into my chord mscaler using the apple cck3 adapter. I control playback on the ipod touch 7th gen using the imac core. With fixed volume set for the ipod i get a lossless signal path and all is good. The strange thing is that when i change the ipod setting to device volume and alter the volume i still get a lossless signal path. I was under the impression that in order to get a lossless signal path the stream has to be unaltered i.e. using the fixed volume setting only. I’d like to know how i still get the lossless signal path even when using device volume as described above. many thanks MK. @support

Hi @musickid,

Can you share a screenshot of the two signal paths?

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 17.29.42

i get this with both device volume and fixed volume. thanks mk.

Hello @musickid,

The Chord Hugo M-Scaler exposes a USB volume control that does not actually control the volume of the device. iOS is detecting this volume control and exposing it, but it is not affecting the bit-stream to the device in any way.


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