FLAC albums not identifiable by Roon, same albums on Tidal/Qobuz are


I have some albums in FLAC that have proper metadata. In Roon, they appear as ‘Unidentified’.

When trying to identify the album manually, either by search on the Artist, Album or “use file tag info” no correct match pops up.

On the opposite side, I have the same albums on Qobuz/Tidal. And there they are identified correctly.

How come? Is there anything I can do in de actual FLAC metadate to make Roon they’re recognized?

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Hi @Tom_Glorieux,

Can you share a screenshot of an example album so we can take a look?

Here’s the Tidal version

Upon identifying my own version, the last seems to match a little (appart from missing album art and wrong title)

If all your files are tags correctly you can use MusicBrainz Picard program and add those album to MusicBrainz database. Within a day they will appear in Roon.

I just start this week to add some missing albums in Roon on the MusicBrainz Database and now they are correctly identified in Roon. And this way you a sharing and helping others.


Qobuz and Tidal manage their own metadata. They don’t make it available to Roon except for albums streamed from their services, In some cases, Roon’s metadata sources (Rovi/AllMusic, Musicbrainz, maybe others) do not have that metadata. Annoying, but Roon can’t do much about it, Metadata availability and licensing are a nightmare.

Hi @Tom_Glorieux,

Thanks for the info! Looking at the data we have for this album, we only have information from TIDAL, not our other metadata sources, so we are unable to identify this album. We are always getting more data on albums from our metadata sources, so it’s possible that we will get information on this album in the future!