FLAC best cover art size

I looked around the forum without finding a good answer.

What is the current best way to store cover art for CD rips:

  • as part of metadata embedded in each FLAC file or in folder with the FLAC files separately?
  • what is the best image size to get a good compromise between file size and viewing quality on portable displays like iPad?


I store one in the folder and in each file as well as in your item 1, I suspect that doesn’t matter to Roon as it uses its own images. I initially used 500 x 500 that looks fine (I was originally using a USB drive connected directly to my streamer so I chose a lowish number to minimize the data loading). These days it doesn’t matter so much.

Roon tends to pick images from its metadata around the 1000 x 1000 to 1500 x 1500 range and tends to show the biggest

The quality is what matters , some scans show a “dotty” image rather than “Photo Like”, so the sheer Number x Number decision is often not a good arbiter.

Quite a lot of albums still go for 300 x 300 which in my view is a bit small

For Roon’ s screen I would now go minimum 500 or even 1000

When I started of ripping my CD‘s some 15 years ago I diligently scanned coverart in 700x700, a little later 900x900 - which in those days was considered gigantic, but happily I did it as those covers still serve me very well and are often of better quality than those that roon offers at 1200x1200 or higher, showing white frames around them or untidy edges, poor blacks or an odd white balance.

All my covers are stored internally in the flac files. If I scan covers these days - which is not that often as thy are now mostly readily avail - I use 1200x1200.

500x500 is way too low imho.

Roon doesn’t always use its own images - it will choose whichever image has the higher resolution. So if the one ifn your folder has a higher resolution, it will choose that. You can of course always edit an album and choose the image yourself. I prefer having the album art in the same folder as the music (or a sub-folder), rather than embedded in the music files themselves. I think a size of between 1500 x 1500 to 2500 x 2500 is best. But then I sometimes view the artwork on a 24" monitor.

Thanks everyone - so it seems 1500 x 1500 is a good compromise for cover art…