FLAC file organizer..?

You know how iTunes has that tick in preferences that organizes your library into artists>albums>tracks? I’ve got mostly FLAC files and some MP3 files on my Roon drive. Does anyone know of a program that will do this at a low cost almost automatically without much effort to clean up my files on my Roon drive and organize them?

Hi @Michael_Green. Are you running a Mac or Windows machine?

Running a Mac @killdozer

Try Songkong ? @paultaylor the author is active on the forum to advise


Check out Bliss (blisshq.com). I paid for this years ago and the developer is still doing consistent regular updates. Great for meta data cleaning and for file/path naming.

Swinsian will do this for you.

Hi Michael , yes SongKong is pretty good at identifying songs, and importantly can identify whole albums rather than just individual songs, can work on music collections of any size and is available for most platforms.

You can run in preview mode for free to see if the results are good for you first. Any questions just ask here, or even better on the SongKong Forum .

Try https://beets.io/ open source and an overall great asset for the music lover.

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you can do that with Foobar2000: