FLAC format for Internet Radios [Delivered in Roon 1.5]


there are (few) internet radios offering FLAC sources.
Could it be possible to add these to Roon in the future maybe?

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Among these are Radio Paradise FLAC Stream! :slight_smile:


I’ve raised this many months back about FLAC-OGG streaming unfortunately there’s no indication Roon will offer this, probably this is not their top priority right now.

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Best one !

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It might not be an immediate priority, but Internet Radio is by no means “finished” and I hope this can be implemented when it next gets attention.


+1 for this!

Has anyone used the cache feature on the Radio Paradise app? I can download Flac streams on my iphone . Its unreal.

Can any other radio station do this?

+1 on this as well!

I have a logitech media server builtin to one of the devices on my system this gives me a flac stream from radio paradise and the sound the LMS produces using a Bryston BDP-2 as an endpoint frankly knocks Roon off its perch. I think flac streaming produces a great sound and Logitec are to be commended for
updating their software to be able to take full advantage of this leap forward, Roon where are you on this
I am considering my membership that is due for renewal shortly

There’s a few stations currently streaming FLAC-OGG format and probably that doesn’t put it as high priority. If they decide to revamp Internet Radio, adding FLAC-OGG will be much easy.

Would love to see support for FLAC radio. I listen to RadioParadise a lot and it’s kind of sad that I can listen to it in FLAC in the car (downloaded) or at home using a phone, as long as I don’t use Roon.

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How do you stream RP? Using the I Phome or iPad doesn’t output hi res. I am using the UltraRendu from my computer to feed the dac.



If you download their app you can stream in a choice of resolutions ranging from low to flac, you can also
cache the stream with these choices to playback without using cellular data as well.
Come on Roon - C A T C H U P!

So download it on the computer right.?

Streaming to my iPad doesn’t do any good because I can’t get it from my iPad to my dac.

+1 - listening now in fact

The App works on Mac PC and IOS there is a lead you can buy with a lightening connector or 1 end and a usb for dac on the other, so some dacs allow an “airpaly” bluetooth connection as well

Cool thankyou


Not sure what all the ‘flac’ is about… heh… ok, so in the past few days, I could not get flac to work on my iOS RadioParadise app. I just learned you need iOS 11.x to make it work. So I upgraded from 10.x…

Went into my closet, pulled out a bankers box full of old hi fi cables etc, found a pair or RCA monster cable umm, ‘patch cords’ and then looked for the Audioquest RCA to 3.5mm adaptor. Plugged all that into my pre-amp and iPhone 6sPlus. Booted up the RP app, selected flac, and voila… done.

And, it sure does sound much better than the mp3 quality that RP streamed from inside vTuner via PS Audio Bridge II… I would like to pull the trigger on Roon, not yet a subscriber. I too, would add, flac internet radio is a must have feature, just as Tidal and MQA have been.

If I want to elevate this game a bit further, plug my Chord Mojo DAC into my iPhone, and then the analog output into my pre-amp… No doubt that should improve over what I am doing right now…


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+1 for Radio Paradise FLAC Stream
I have to run Squeezebox Lite on Sonic Transporter and ultrarendu to stream RP FLAC.

Its a pain keep stopping Roon to hear radio then restarting everything to get back into Roon.


I do this frequently, load up several 540mins caches on my iPhone when on Wifi and then go for several weeks playing from the cache(s) before reloading. No buffering or LTE data usage. Awesome!