FLAC Music Files Outside of iTunes

I have FLAC files that I don’t want to convert in order to import them into my ITunes library. Is there a way to play these using ROON in another folder outside of iTunes? Is there a satisfactory audiophile conversion app that will not sacrifice sound quality? Any other suggestions that I should consider?

Until now all music has been primarily played from within iTunes. Now having recently ordered a Nucleus I want to optimize my library plus the fact that ITunes although having served its purpose is driving me crazy!

Add folder here in Settings==>Storage.

Leave them as FLAC for best quality.
If, for some reason, you feel you must convert to another format then many use dbPowerAmp.


To add the FLAC files to Roon, simply point Roon to the folder containing the FLAC files. See Settings > Storage.

If you want to add these files to iTunes you’ll need to convert them to an Apple format, e.g. ALAC. Since both ALAC and FLAC are lossless file formats you won’t sacrifice sound quality when doing this. You can use XLD to convert the files.

If you want to import iTunes into Roon see the KB article: https://kb.roonlabs.com/iTunes.

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