FLAC vs MP3 threading

Is FLAC decompress/decode a multi-threaded process and is MP3 a single-thread?

I’ve been testing various BIOS settings to optimize power savings, responsiveness and sound quality.

I’ve found that by leaving SpeedStep and C-States enabled but disabling TurboBoost that FLAC decodes much faster (less indicated CPU load in Roon) that does MP3. I’m using streams to test as local files often load so fast I can see the indicated load to judge the difference.

Further, I understand that in many cpu/chipsets that TurboBoost only applies to single-threaded operations at the expense of multi-threaded operations.

P.S. Well the very next song in the stream, FLAC now appears to consume more CPU resource than MP3. Regardless, is there any different in the decode engine for the file/stream type?