FLIRC programmable IR receiver

Has anyone successfully used FLIRC to control ROCK? Play/pause, skip forward, skip back is all I want and can program these to FLIRC using Windows GUI program.

I thought ROCK would recognize FLIRC as a keyboard and perhaps it does but the commands don’t do anything.

Should ROCK respond to keyboard (a real keyboard) to play/pause/skip or is there no connection in the OS to control playback at all from console?

Rock does recognize the flirc receiver as a keyboard but Rock has no user interface. It is just a service and therefore does not respond to any of the Roon UI commands. I’m using the flirc receiver on my windows system. Works perfectly but Roon UI has to be active on the foreground. Roon does not have any global keyboard commands (wich is a pitty)

Thanks for confirming what I figured. I’ve recently switched from using Ethernet Bridge device in my DAC to USB as I find the sound more pleasing to me, but I give up the physical remote control with Harmony that I’d become accustomed.

Perhaps Roon should consider adding basic transport controls via keyboard to ROCK. It should cause any degradation or deviate from the mission of ROCK.