Flirc remote with dietpi

I recently got digione signature with Allo Web Interface dietpi pre-installed and pretty happy with it but im trying to get the most out of it but struggling to make it do anything more then be an roon end point.

I have a few questions if anyone can help me out.

  1. I just bought a flirc can someone tell me if it will work with dietpi or only with ropieee?
  2. I read some people were using spotify with dietpi but i dont see it as an option to play to the digione in my spotify app. would be handy for podcasts.
  3. Is it possible to send audio from my windows laptop to the digione or is this only possible with a mac and airplay?
  4. Can i do anything else cool with dietpi i might not know about?

I know this is a roon forum and some of my questions arent related to roon but just thought i would ask…


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So, do you achieve to use Flirc on Dietpi ?