FOC: 1.2m/4ft Sony MUC-M12SM1 headphone cable

I have an unopened box (factory plastic wrapped) for the MUC-M12SM1 headphone cable that I do not need. Would be happy to gift it to someone who might make use of it vs tossing it in the trash. DM me if you’re interested. US-only so I can use the cheapest USPS method of shipping.


I don’t need it, but I did want to say that I dig your generosity. Very cool of you!

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If nobody wants it, take it to Goodwill and write it off your taxes.

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Dang. That’s good thinking. Thanks.

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we’re all in it together!

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You might list it for sale on head-fi: Classifieds | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

I bet someone there would buy it.

I’m not active over there so I thought of the Roon community first but that’s another good suggestion. Thanks.