Focal Celestee and DSP

I love my Focal Celestee and it was about time to play around with DSP.

So I found these oratory1990 settings:

It basically recommends:

I manually configured it as follows in Roon to match the recommendation:

Furthermore I applied the recommended preamp:

Is this the recommended way of configuring Roon?

That looks good, but I’d recommend to zip together the two sample rate family convolution .wav files and load them in Roon, instead.
Give it a try, set up DSP presets for both methods to compare on the fly, with just a short pause when switching, to see if you prefer one method.



Can I see graphs of the results?

I would like to compare it with the oratory1990 provided graph:

My manual configuration looks like this:

Still need to figure out if it’s OK when comparing haha.

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Roon doesn’t compute a graph for a convolution file to look at - doesn’t sound any better with it anyways… :wink:

Look at the green curve in your graph to see what’s encoded in the .wav files - it’s the inverse of the response over the target.

The PEQ filters are just an approximation, so the convolution should get you closer to the desired response.


Ok, thank you.

The manual configuration sounds better. By a lot. What could be the reason?

Your taste, maybe?

Haha ok.

Anyway, the difference with and without the manually configured DSP is amazing. The headphones sound so much more clear. As if I am sitting in a room with a great stereo setup. Amazing.

Okay, I’ve been pulling your leg…

Trying to understand your observation, which is contrary to mine, could you try to put your impressions into descriptive terms to reconcile, maybe?

Did you make sure, you’re not overlooking some accidental setting active in one scenario over the other?

Give the “Crinacle” .wav file a try:


The Celestee sounds great without DSP.

Configuring DSP manually with oratory1990’ settings as described in my first post makes it sound fantastic instead of great.

Then I gave the two zipped WAV files a try. Not bad sounding but not as great as the manual configuration.

I prefer the manual configuration as it has the most depth and clear sounding image. I hope that describes it best.

It’s the same settings though so makes no sense. When using the wavs you don’t need any headroom as it’s already been applied.


Oops… that explains! I needed to disable the preamp…

Rookie mistake!

Yes. This sounds great! :blush:

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… not really - did you look at the graphs?

Perfect advice here, though …

As I suspected, it’s been caused by …

Good, it’s fixed now, and happy listening, @eric8bits …

… but you may want to polish your descriptive skills regarding auditory impressions, the difference mainly being different loudness.


I should have spent more time figuring it out I guess.

What wonders me is that I do experience such different quality when the volume is lower. Not sure what it is.