Focus for Non Available Tracks/Albums

I know there has been an ongoing discussion about this issue, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a feature suggestion. We all know Tidal and Qobuz often remove albums and/or replace them with a different version. If you’ve added a version to your library that subsequently gets removed or replaced, Roon identifies the tracks as “Not Available”. So Roon has the data to be able to identify these tracks. It would be great if Roon added a Focus for “Not Available”. Then it would be a simple matter of periodically running the focus to identify missing albums/tracks and remove them from your library or replace them with the new versions from Qobuz/Tidal.

No one has this issue except me?

+1 for this but i’m out of votes. Have noticed my library (Qobuz) has lost 30 albums today and i’d love to what they where.