Focus items need "disabled" state

The focusing is great but why only 2 states for each focus item?

You currently have “+” and “-” but you need a 3rd option which disables/ignores the focus item, so we don’t have to delete the focus item.

For example…

I add a focus for Tidal and another for MQA.

What if I want to see all Tidal albums irrespective of if the are MQA or not? Can’t do it. I need to delete the MQA item to see everything.

I realize I can create bookmarks to recall favorite combinations of focus items, but being able to disable a focus item (ie it acts as if it was deleted) would be even more convenient for the user because the user can just quickly toggle items (+, - or disabled) without the hassle of changing bookmarks or readding a focus item if they had to delete it (because it cant be disabled)

Maybe “shift click” toggles the focus item between enabled and disabled. Then the current click behavior is not affected.