Focus mode usability

While focus mode is now much improved over 1.7, I’d like to draw attention on a few minor changes that in my opinion could have a significant impact in usability:

  1. like other fields, also “tags” should have the option to select whether to use inner or outer joins (AND vs OR);
  2. it’s currently difficult to know which fields are being filtered (we can try to figure out from the top bar by looking at all the applied filters, but it is not that straightforward to know which field they refer to as it requires knowledge of available fields and their related values): under the focus window, I propose to highlight the fields for which filters are applied (e.g. if I filtered on a release date, when I open the focus mode I would see the heading “release date” purple to suggest that this field has a filter applied on it);
  3. complement of 2), under focus window it would also be nice to have a remove button next to each heading (e.g. if I applied 3 filters on genres, 2 filters on tags and 4 filters on performers, in this way I could remove all the 4 filters on performers with 1 press of a button and likewise for any other filter).

Thanks for considering this!