Focus needs sub-genre

Hi, I’m a lifetime user for about 5 years. I LOVE Roon; its tools for deepening my understanding of musicians and albums is wonderful and its Roon Radio tune selection is uncanny. (I do thumbs up/down regularly to contribute to the collective mind. BTW, I hope that playing a Roon Radio tune in its entirety is equivalent to a thumbs up- it should be IMHO). Sounds excellent too compared to e.g. Sonos.

After watching a Hans Beekhuyzen video on 1.8 I I tried Focus for the first time. A cool different way to serve up a pile of music to listen to! That said, I’m frustrated that sub-genre is not in the Focus pulldown.

Prime Example: I like Prog. But sub-genre selection in the Genres section segregates Prog-Rock, Neo-Prog, Kraut Rock, etc. so I can’t get Genesis and Marillion in the same shuffle. If I could select a set of sub-genres in Focus then I could build the Prog-Verse that I’d like to peruse and shuffle without entering all 99 artists by hand- every time I want it.
That said I’m new to the Focus tool. Maybe I’m missing something.

Try clicking View More at the bottom of Genre column. Clicking the down arrow next to the Top Level Genre should show the sub genres.

OK- I selected the Pop/Rock Genre, then View More to get the view that offers Focus. +Pop/Rock is already there, showing 1,593 albums. I hit the Focus arrow and in the Focus Genres column, it lists the other genres (irrelevant for what I’m trying to do) Jazz, R&B, Blues etc. but no sub-genres appear at the bottom of the list.

OK, now I see if I tab the blue arrow-down next to Pop-Rock the sub-genres appear. Mystery solved. But- because Focus is a set of AND filters, I get almost no results where I want a lot of results (if the Focus objects were Neo-Prog OR Prog-Rock OR Art Rock). I saw a posting of someone asking for that.