Focus on "Added In The Last" Timespan Limit and Weird Inconsistencies

Description Of Issue

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Hello @support I’m trying to create a Focus in Tracks or Albums using “Added in the last”, I’m only able to see back to Jan 1, 2018.

I have Track Import Dates default to File Creation Time:

And this gives me stuff dating back to 2005, which seems correct:

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a screen cap that goes back more than 3 or 4 years, including this thread from 2018: How can I 'focus' on added before 2015. But given that file creation time is an option for Track Import Date, we’d obviously need more than a 4 year window (even well prior to Roon’s launch).

The timing on the picker on Track focus seems really strange too, with additions only showing at the beginning of each month:

Where on Album focus it looks like:

Which looks better, but seems at odds with what I’ve actually done in real life (created / added new music files almost every day in Dec and most in Jan?).

I’m aiming to go back to something like 2010 or so and focus on everything added since then. If the limitation on the date range is more about its intended use, I suppose that’s fine (“I want to hear my most recently added stuff”) but I don’t see any other possibility for “I DON’T want to hear all the I already owned up to 10 years ago.”

I’m aware of Release Date options btw. There’s plenty of stuff I’ve gotten only recently that I want to include in this focus that has older Release Dates. It’s important that I do it based on Date Added (which for me is file creation date).

Curious to hear if I’m just missing the boat on this one!

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Seeing on Core (Macbook Pro) and Remote (Windows 10 desktop). Latest Roon build.

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I should add I have only been using Roon since late 2020.

Also in playing with Release Date in 1.8 I don’t see a way to just set a cutoff time for Release Date either. Say, Include 2000s, 2010s, 2020s (let alone granularity beyond decades…).

Someone who seems to have found a similar issue in 1.7 a year ago with date added UI weirdness. Except back then you could choose release dates more granularly.

Apologies for the trouble, @Hazen!

We are aware of the issue here and are working to resolve it. Things should be working for you soon!

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Thanks Dylan. Quick summary of what I’ve seen after the 1.8 build 763 update:

  • Limited timespan for Track Import Dates in Focus - I take it this is ‘works as intended’ and not a bug (?)
  • Track Import Date calendar UI weirdness - still works in Album focus, still doesn’t in Tracks focus
  • Missing “View More” under Release Date - still missing for me

So all screen capped issues reported are unresolved (and I assume the first should be scratched off my list altogether).

We’re still working on Focus, so the latest changes haven’t gone live yet, but we’ll have a look.

@RoonQA please have a look – some of this is fixed, but I’m still seeing the Import Date heat map issues when comparing Albums vs Tracks.

Thanks for letting us know @Hazen !

Great, thanks guys. Digging the latest changes, will keep an eye on these few bits.

Am I correct in assuming the Import Date picker range being limited to 3 - 4 years is working as intended? I have a hunch it’s aimed more at showing me new stuff rather than a full tilt, any import date, any range kind of filter since going beyond that has UI design implications.

Just in case you or @RoonQA missed it, there is another topic on the Release Date focus.

It isn’t clear if “We’re still working on Focus” includes @Hazen’s report on:

Missing “View More” under Release Date - still missing for me

(I assumed you are, but just wanted to check).

Any updates on this issue?
It would be very useful to be able to find albums that IMPORTDATE s older than 4 years ago (even if the year/date range had to entered manually rather than with the UI timeline).
I can see from previous posts that this is a long-standing issue, and it’s not clear why there is such a restriction on using the IMPORTDATE metadata.

Any chance of allowing greater flexibility in using IMPORTDATE in future versions?

I flagged this issue in 2018. I wonder if it will be resolved by 2024.

Still not working as of August 2021:

Keeping this thread alive by referencing a duplicate topic.

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Here is the screen shot of the problem for me: the import date only goes back to 2019, but the imports themselves go back to 2016. I want to be able to access the full range of dates from this facility in focus.


@support @jamie This problem still exists. Is anything being done?

Focus only goes back 4 years. It is impossible for me to look at all albums I added in 2018…

@support help with this please!!

Hey @ajl,

I reached out to the Product Team about this for clarification. What you’re seeing here isn’t a bug. The current design only allows for a view going back a number of years. The issue ticket that was mentioned was apparently to address quirks in the heat map.

Please submit a Feature Request so we can get a vote count on the number of people who would like to see a design change in the future. Thanks!

I would think that this is a no-brainer. Why would anyone only want to see the last four years rather than all the years they have been using Roon? I can understand how this came about – maybe nobody looked beyond a four year window when this was first coded – but it makes absolutely no sense now.

Put another way, this shouldn’t need to be a feature request because it’s simply pointing out that a current ‘feature’ doesn’t really work.


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Hey @DaveN,

Yes, I can see your point. People would like to see an expansion of the display. It’s a Feature Request in this case and not a Support issue because, from a coding sense, it’s new functionality. Feature Requests are the means we have in place for fielding and ranking customer product ideas, thus the suggestion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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Hi @jamie ,

I understand it is working as designed; however, I would suggest that the button in that pop-up view be called “4 Years” instead of “All”. “All” is incorrect and misleading and will continue to prompt incorrect support requests, and so, should be renamed.

Well stated @Rugby - it needs to be revisited for sure.

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