Focus on albums with no rating changes in focus on albums that have less than 49.5 stars

I don’t really need support here, just want to mention an odd thing. I tried to focus on all albums in my library that do not have a rating (negative focus on 1+ stars). But after saving this focus as a bookmark, it is changed in a negative focus on all albums with more than 49.5 stars.

Like this:

It looked like this when I first applied the focus settings:

I have tried it for myself and it is working fine.

I have only local albums in My Library.
Do you have Qobuz/Tidal albums in yours?
It is the only thing I can think of that could have an impact (although it should not)

Thanks for checking, Dirk. I have local and Tidal albums. I also give a lot of ‘half star’ ratings. I suspect the possibility to give half star ratings has something to do with this.
Did you also save the negative focus as a bookmark, and then open that bookmark?

Hi Arlen

I did not bookmark in my initial test. Bookmarking resulted in the same issue you reported.


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Thanks Dirk.
I guess the developers will have to add a decimal point to a function somewhere.