Focus on Date Recorded/Recording Start, End Date

Using Roon 1.4 build 289 I’m looking for a way to Focus on 80s Compilations. I don’t see a way to do this, unless I set the release date for each compilation to some date in the 1980s. Am I missing something?

This is an example:

Tap on the date graph, and the second date chart pops up. Tap on the decade and your choices should be narrowed to the decade.

Thanks Robert. I’m afraid that doesn’t work for me. I’ve Focused based on that second chart, but as far I can tell that is using Release date, not Recording date. The only way I can get the album in the example above to show up in a Focus with +“Various Artists” +Compilation +1980-1989 is to change its Release date to something in the 1980s.

Wasn’t sure if the solution would be what you needed, but threw it out there just in case. Maybe some type of tagging could narrow the field.

Best, —-Robert

Is being able to Focus on recording date rather than release date an unusual request? I would think more Roon users would be interested in that…